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Learn to read effortlessly with 200+ decodable, Lexile® leveled e-readers.

Each book’s incremental literacy lesson builds foundational phonics skills, empowering students to become avid, fluent readers.

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What is Phunics?

  • Fun-Student Interest is #1
  • Decodable-One Reading Skill per Story
  • Leveled-100L Lexile® Range per Level
  • Themed-Consistent Chracters and Sets
  • Interactive-Listen, Read-aloud, Retell, and Review
  • Digital and Print-Desktop, Mobile, Paperback

Phunics is Aligned with the Science of Reading

A Sneak Peek Inside Our Interactive, Digital Books

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TargetED learning

  • One Skill per Story
  • Carefully Sequenced
  • 100 LEXILE® Range per Level

Fun and engaging

  • Culturally Diverse Stories
  • Themed
  • 100% Human Artists/Writers

Interactive e-readers

  • Listen, Read, and Retell
  • Comprehension Quizzes
  • Teacher Portal

Customize Your Learning

The Phunics curriculum establishes foundational literacy skills—story by story. Each of the 9 themed sets focuses on a general phonics concept and is illustrated by a single artist with consistent styles and characters. Each story within the set focuses on one sound exemplifying the target concept. Take a placement test to determine your level!

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Key Features
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What are People Saying?

Phunics is a fantastic resource which uses a graded system to help children develop their reading skills. The curriculum levels follow the typical developmental progression for using speech sounds, starting from level 1 (age 5) to level 7 (age 9+). Phunics is a highly engaging resource with interesting stories and fun illustrations to captivate the reader. I highly recommend schools adopt the Phunics curriculum.

NishmaSpeech and Language Pathologist; BSc., Cert. RCSLT, Reg HCPC (London, England)

I recommend the online reading program, Phunics. It is a brilliant way to help your child learn to read easily. The knowledgable teaching team provided support to help my daughter read fluently. My daughter enjoyed all the books.

NeringaMom to 3rd Grader (San Gwann, Malta)

The Phunics books are a great joy for me to teach from as well as lots of fun for the students to learn from. The structure is consistent enough for the students to learn each topic smoothly while the books are richly varied in story and illustrations so that the kids are excited for each new book. All in all, an engaging way to learn and teach Reading!

VictoriaReading Teacher (New York City, USA)

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