About Us

Our Mission

  • Make learning to read fun for students, and effortless for teachers and parents!
  • Significantly impact global literacy rates, especially in developing areas. We pledge to include up to 20% of all accounts for free for students from developing areas. Please get in touch at info@usaenglish.org for more information.

Our Story

We at Phunics are a team of experienced English teachers who, after years of struggling to find fun and effective reading resources to engage students at different levels, decided to create our own!

We built our book series on what worked in our classes—by presenting one phonics lesson per story through colorful characters and playful plots. Our ultra-comprehensive set of 200+ decodable readers aimed at promoting key phonics skills that students need to become fluent readers, are equally adapted to be used in classrooms and at home, and have been carefully sequenced to ensure that there are no jumps in difficulty and no learning gaps. 

We believe that one of the most meaningful moments for teachers and parents alike is seeing the confident and eager smile of a student as he or she opens up a book. We hope Phunics—Fun Phonics brings more of those smiles, more effortlessly, to more children worldwide.

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