Welcome Teachers

What is Phunics-Fun Phonics?

Phunics is an online library designed to transform ALL of your students into better readers!

Phunics books were written by teachers who understand the challenge of reaching students with different needs and learning paces. Phunics enables differentiated learning by allowing different students to study the same (or different) phonics skills at different LEXILE® levels.  

Our 200+ decodables are sequenced into 7 levels with a tight LEXILE® range of 100L increase per level.  Each level houses 25-40 decodable stories to ensure every student builds confidence and a strong literacy foundation.

  • 200+ decodable books with targeted learning goals organized by level
  • LEXILE® measured for precise match between students and their appropriate level
  • Interactive learning activities including audio book, comprehension quizzes, and student recordings–can be easily adapted as homework assignments
  • Easy tracking of student progress from teacher’s portal